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Restoring the value of traditionally tanned hides through knowledge sharing



Remembering, Restory-ing, Reclaiming Indigenous wisdom

Hide tanning returns purpose and value to deer and moose hides in our homelands


The future of hide tanning relies on protecting the waters and lands of the Great Lakes​


Honouring animal spirits and ancestors who live here

Our camp pushes back against ongoing Two Spirit erasure


Hide tanning is honourable harvest


Hide tanning is Ceremony


Hide tanning decolonizes our hunting ways


Two-spirit, Non Binary, Trans, Gender-non-conforming community members have been carriers of hide tanning throughout decolonial notions of time and space


The Gender Binary is an imposed colonial set of rules


Two Spirit, Trans, Non Binary genders are traditional


Hunting is not only a "traditional men's role", whereas Hide Tanning is not only a "traditional women's role"


Hide tanning is gender fluid​


Hide tanning happens in the bush, in your backyard, on the land, in rural and urban settings, remote places, public spaces, on NDN lands


Hide tanning is an act of love for the past, present, future






















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