NMHC aims to make our hide camps accessible for folks with disabilities. Given the limitations of hosting an entirely outdoors event in a rural community on a limited budget, we cannot guarantee the space will be accessible to everyone. If you have any questions about accessibility, please get in touch through email ( or our social media accounts linked on home page.

A labelled map of the venue and camp schedule will be sent to participants before camp starts.

Outdoor Hide Work Spaces:

The hide camp will be held in Moraviantown, ON at an entirely outdoor venue. The ground is compact dirt and grass and is quite flat throughout the outdoor spaces. The ground is uneven in areas which will be marked with  bright coloured flags. There are bumpy dirt roads leading into the venue which are not wheelchair accessible. Vehicles can be driven right up to where we will be working on the hides. The spaces we'll be working on the hides are wheelchair, walker and cane accessible. The hide tanning work stations can accommodate working from a sitting or standing position. NMHC will provide some camping chairs but campers are asked to bring their own camping chair if they have one. 



There is one indoor single bathroom at the venue with running water and a flush toilet that is located on the ground floor. There are no stairs to the bathroom. There is a metal "lip" at the bottom of the door frame that requires (approximately) a 1 inch lift over. The doorway for the indoor bathroom is wide enough for a manual wheelchair. The doorway is not wide enough to for a larger powered wheelchair. Once inside, the bathroom is wide enough to accommodate a manual wheelchair. The indoor bathroom is centrally located in the hide work area and beside the meal serving area. The indoor bathroom is roughly 40 metres from the camping area and 10-15 metres from the hide working stations. There will be 2 porta-potties on site, one of them can be wheelchair accessible upon request. 

Camping Space:

The camping area is behind where we'll be working on the hides. The ground is compact dirt and grass and it quite flat. The ground is uneven in areas which will be marked with  bright coloured flags.  A vehicle can be driven down a narrow path to pull right up to the camping area. The porta-potties are roughly 20 metres from the camping area. The indoor bathroom is roughly 30 metres from the camping area. 

Meal Serving Area:

Lunch will be served under a covered pavilion with a gravel floor with several picnic tables underneath. The meal area will have a wheelchair accessible section. 

Hospital & Amenities:

There are 2 pharmacies within a 10 minute drive from the venue. There is a hospital a 30 minute drive from the venue in Chatham, ON.



We do not currently offer ASL but can make arrangements upon request. There will be signs at the event labeling spaces and locations.