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  • When can I register? When will I hear back?
    Registration is now closed. We will do a call out for hide camp registration for local youth in the Moraviantown, Aamjiwnaang, Walpole Island, Kettle & Stoney Point, Chippewas of the Thames region in 2022! Stay tuned!
  • I'm a settler allied person how can I support this work?
    Donations are welcome in the form of e-transfer, cash or cheque. Email us at to discuss donation details!
  • What's the camp schedule?
    Camp days will generally go from 9am-5pm. After that instructors are "off" for the day. There will be many deer hides worked on in all different stages throughout the week. ​ Breakfasts will be served around 9am and lunches will be served between around 1pm.
  • Does it cost money to attend?
    The camp is free to attend! But there are some associated costs. We can provide breakfasts and lunches for participants but with our current budget we need people to provide their own dinners, which is a cost. We have some budget to put towards covering some youths dinner costs. Email us to find out more. There is free camping at the park for youth participants and their pods but folks need to bring their own camping gear, which is another potential cost. We are not able to offer transportation for all participants so travel expenses are also a cost. We have some budget to put towards covering some youths transporation funds. Email us to find out more.
  • Do I need to bring my own camping gear?
    Free on site camping at Springwater Park will be provided for youth camp participants. Youth participants who register to camp out during hide camp need to provide their own camping gear ie. tent, sleeping bag, pillow, etc. If you need support finding camping gear, email us at
  • What should I bring to camp?
    Some key items to bring include: -Your cutest PPE Masks (Disposable PPE will be provided by NMHC at all times) -Work clothes you don't mind getting dirty, wet and smelly -Work gloves -Waterproof outdoor gear (such as raincoat, rainpants, rainboots for rainy days and wet hide stages) -Waterproof footwear/ footwear you don't mind getting dirty, wet and smelly -Warm clothing layers for cold weather -Personal hide tools, knives and sharpeners if you have them -Bug spray: Natural or Deet -Sunscreen -Personal feast bundle (mug, waterbottle, cutlery, bowl, plate) -Personal medication you will need while at camp -Extra tarps (if you have them) -Extra rubbermade containers (if you have them) -Hide tools (if you have them) If you're camping overnight at the park: -Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, pillow, tarp, rope, etc.) -Personal toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.)
  • How can I volunteer at camp?
    Adult Two Spirit folks are asked to volunteer for 1-2 hours daily each full day they attend camp in order to help the camp function. To apply to volunteer, you need to register for camp in the 'Registration' section of the site and state your volunteer task preferences.
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