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We will not be offering a hide tanning apprenticeship program in 2022. We are looking into funding for 2023/24 to offer the apprenticeship again. Stay tuned for updates on our website & social media pages! Contact us about funding opportunities for NMHC!


Intention: Creating space for Two Spirit hide tanning apprentices to learn about foundations of traditional deer hide brain tanning from more experienced Two Spirit hide tanners in a supportive environment. Apprentices will be given a personal deer hide with the goal of transforming this hide into beautiful smoked buckskin! Apprentices will have weekly in-person learning opportunities to go through the different stages of deer hide tanning by working on their own hide with guidance and support from hide tanning mentors.


Past Apprenticeship Schedule:

Meeting weekly in May & June (8 weeks) 2021



Springwater Park (Midhurst, ON)

2021 Apprenticeship Outcome:

The curriculum was determined by each individual apprenticeships hide journey. In 2021 we focused on de-hairing deer hide, membraning deer hide (scraping to clean up flesh/ carcass side of hide).


We primarily focused on the graining stage of wet scraping deer hide. Each apprentice now has a well-rounded understanding of the graining stage which is a crucial stage in the tanning process for making buckskin!


One apprentice finished their hide to final smoke on the last day of the 2021 Niizh Manidook Hide Tanning Camp! Another apprentice finish softening their hide to a soft and malleable fabric state at the 2021 NMHTC! One apprentice made 1 raw deer hide and did the 1st softening of their 2nd deer hide at 2021 NMHC!

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